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Market bounce

The market had a strong bounce up recently and provided nice gains. This is a great example of why investing should be done objectively based on facts and data rather than emotions. Rash decisions can often cost dearly. At the same time, I'm cautious as to where the market will go from here. I believe bad economic data will drive the markets to the downside in the mid term. Client funds are being managed cautiously as to avoid major losses.

Looking at the big picture, history suggests that investors are better off being in the market than on the sidelines in the long term.  

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tahir12 abbas
tahir12 abbas
Jun 16, 2021

Thanks for sharing such great information, I highly appreciate your hard-working skills which are quite beneficial for me.


Patty Lam
Patty Lam
Mar 22, 2021

This article is so innovative and well constructed I got lot of information from this post. Keep writing related to the topics on your site.

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